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Amorphous+ v2.1 Patch Notes

2008-07-30 04:59:25 by innocuousGames

Amorphous+ version 2.1 patch

**Warning: These notes contain some spoilers concerning later-game content!**

-Bug/Glitch Fixes-
*Several typos corrected, most of them in the Reward text
*The Dualist Award is no longer being awarded posthumously
*Amalgams can no longer slow down to the point that they move backwards (funny though that was)
*The Armor will now kill a Razor Mite in a collision
*Horror seeds no longer mutate the Razor Queen into a Biter... that was ridiculous
*Void Eaters behave less-strangely when jarred by distant explosions
*Some erroneous death animations playing at the wrong times have been removed

*Grays now react defensively to the Saw Drone
*Queens react with more caution toward the Razor Glaive
*Horrors are no longer killed by heavy blades (Queen claws, most notably)
*The recharge time on the SCAER has been reduced slightly
*Collision zones on the larger enemies (Oozles, Grays, etc) have been widened

-New Features-
*The Next Song button ('n' on the keyboard) now cycles through the songs in order instead of randomly, allowing the player to find a specific song. Eventually.
*A counter has been added to the Award Case so that you can immediately see how many Awards you've acquired
*At 25 Awards, players will now unlock Hardcore Mode. This mode removes the gradual addition of new types of enemies, and instead brings in all enemy types at the beginning


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2008-10-08 12:59:31

The black hole one of the 3 attacks a Void Eater uses uses(see bottom).
The 17th glopple is the Razor Queen. To see her you must see every other kind of glopple. Then just keep doing small nest until you see her. Bewarned!!! She is deadly and as abaout 6 attacks!

A Void eater is one of the most powerful glopple in the game. Its three attacks are:
Shockwave thing where if you are too close you get splattered
Gravity Well( Black Hole) which pulls you towards the Void Eater and then it uses the Shockwave. You can resist this one slightly enough to slowly get away.
Density Beam- The Void Eater fires it's most deadly attack. A long beam which pulls you towards it and resistance is futile unless you own a Hazard suit( but it drains it life like water through a net). The beam on contact vapories you imediately. Reactive suit wont help you.
If you (crazy people or insanely skilled only) want to create this you need:
Green glopple+green glopple= Oozle
Oozle+green glopple= Grey
Grey+ Green glopple( this needs time and patience)= Void Eater!!!!!
I hope you find this useful.


2008-10-26 11:28:07

awsome game when ru makin another one? ive got an idea for an award, "picky,only splatting a single type of gloople for an entire nest".


2008-11-16 14:14:36

I really like the audio! i really want to listen to it on the go


2008-12-19 20:54:01

I've got to say,I'm Jonesing for Amorphous 2.When might we expect it (if you're making it of course)?


2008-12-21 11:36:33

Can You Remake This But With A Code Consel? I Would Like To Birng Up Any Type Of Slime At Any Time!!! And A God mode... That would Be Cool!!!!


2008-12-22 13:14:17

Ah,some things I forgot in my review.I liked the music but I need more techno and electronic when splatting thousands of Glooples.Electronic,Drum N Bass,Trance etc...jazz doesn't do it for me lol.And I loved the Award descripitions.Very funny.Keep up the good work!


2009-02-05 12:46:39

I BEAT IT! I finally killed the two Razor Queens! I friggin' love this game. Love it.


2009-02-13 12:24:22

hmmm,thats a list of inprovements...
Took me a while to fully understand it(Horror theeth morphing a Razor Queen?)
I also made a detailed list of the glooples along with some tips!


2009-02-14 14:20:33

U rock!


2009-02-17 22:16:47


I have finally beaten your game and gotten every single award.

*Collapses from exhastion*


2009-03-04 16:26:52

Oh, man, having a permanent ally would be SWEET. I love games where you can have something that fights along you. I have 78 Rewards, several of them thanks to OmegaMario. I still have yet to see a Queen, Razor Queen, or Frostle(or whatever they're called), mostly because I suck at completing nests. My number one death? Melties. DAMN THEM. But one day I'll get all the Rewards. That's the cheapest and most effective way of addicting people to your game. Achievements. And you've got 110 of 'em, and no description of how to get 'em. God, I love this game.


2009-03-31 18:27:00

How about adding a pause button.


2009-05-22 10:02:18

I DON'T care about whatever you think of what I'm going to say.


- The music is still random on the start screen.

- You stop hearing the effects when you are changing the music (or when it changes by itself).

- When you face the Razor Queen by the first time, if you lose, chose Rematch and than kill her, you will win the Merciless award. But you only killed one Razor Queen, not two. It's a bug that makes the game count a rematch as a victory.

- In order to get the Clean Shave award you don't need to shave a Fuzzle three times, they can shave themselves by stepping over acid or a sharp and you still get the award.

- Clutters don't walk straight when they step into an Inkie's ink. The same goes for the Fuzzles, Horrors, Queens... And probably others I didn't look. Is it supposed to be like that?

- If a Sharp gets in contact with a Meltie's acid nothing happens, that makes sense. But if a sharp kills you and than gets in contact with a Meltie's acid it will melt. That's weird.

- The new awards show up in orange glow until you check them, at least that's how I think it should be, but that's not what happens. If I get some new awards, visit the Awards section and go back without checking them, the glow goes away. Although I didn't check them... I don't like this.

- Why is the space for the Razor Queen empty on the bestiary before we see her? To make some sort of surprise? I don't get it.

- If you use the Instant Wall reward and the Void Eater uses her black ray it's like if the wall wasn't there.

- When you splat a Grinder or when they collide, pieces of rock come out of them and than they just disappear in a blink. Why don't they fade out like the other things on the game?

- When a Torchie (on fire) walks over a Meltie's acid will have his fire extinguished. For me that's fine, on your game acid puts out fire. Now, when a Torchie blows up makes a big fire, if a Meltie walks over that fire, will start burning down until it dies. Shouldn't it just burn for a while and then realese the acid? Because acid beats fire. Instead of that, the Melties just burn down to death... I'm just following the logic. I think Melties when on fire should burn for a while until their "thin protective membrane" disappears and then realize the acid. The same applies to the Stickies. But I think that's fixed. They don't burn down, they actually put out the fire. Also, when a Gray walks over the fire, it burns down!! So you can burn metal? I didn't know that one... I think you should look over the Gooples that can be burned and the ones that can't.

- The Queen larvas are not affected by the Voit Eater, but the Queen itself is.

- If a Sharp kills you and then finds a Grinder, it will walk over him like if there was nothing there! Sharps cause lots of troubles don't they? Also, sometimes certain Gooples just pass over other gooples like if they weren't there... It's hard to tell when and it's rare too. But not really something to worry about. For example, those "Spiny Larvas" (if that's what you call it) that the Razor Queen spawns, I can swing them and they will die. But when the Razor Queen swings them with her claws by accident, nothing happens. It's like if they weren't there. That's unfair.

- When you face the Razor Queen in Practice mode there's a rematch option, why do we need that? It's practice mode. Also, when there are two Razor Queens they walk over each other like if they weren't there.

- When I am playing the game I see some random numbers on the top right corner. What are those numbers for? I don't remember them when I started playing. They just started one day. They sometimes show on the top left corner too. They go from 25 to 35, very random. I've seen it in other games too.

- There are more bugs I don't remember...


- Add a custom right click menu. Some people hack your game by clicking in "Play, forward, loop...". There is a way to make your own menu, it's on the Flash Tips 1-3 of your favorite movies/games!

- Add a scrollbar for the tips. Those two arrows take ages to get to the end. And I don't really get the tips thing, how do I know if there's a new one? Work on that, no wonder no one reads it!

- Add a "Hacking is for losers" thing, maybe a note or a tip... I don't know. Lots of people use hacking engines on your game and they should be shame of themselves.

- Allow us to chose the controls on the options. Some persons may like other controls besides the arrows.

- That sound you hear when a Meltie is killed (or when something melts) is so annoying! Could you make it lower? Sometimes there are so many Melties...

- When you kill a goople it shows how much points you won next to the place where you splatted it, and it shows again the same thing on the bottom right corner! I really don't like to have the screen field with useless things. You should only have the score next to the kill.

- Maybe use a bigger font. I almost can't read your tips, descriptions, etc...

- When you're playing, the "Gooples left" text could be smaller, it's just filling up space in the screen. Where you should have small text you have big, where you should have big text you have small... Errr.

- I can put out "little torchie fires", but when one Torchie explodes I can't put out that big fire. I know it's big but maybe the Razor Blade sword could put it out? It's just that the screen gets full with big smoke clouds and that's bad for my vision of the game. The sooner I put out the fire, the better.

- When you are frozen in order to get out you can only move the mouse up and down. Why? We should be able to move it in all directions, it doesn't make much sense the way it is.

Good Things

- One of the best online games maybe?

- You sure must be intelligent to create this "Goople world".

- I thank you for temporarily heeling me of my Bored State of Mind Disease Thingy.

- Revolution Void music is very nice. I wonder where did the name "Void Eater" came from... It's my favorite Goople.

Nice game dude.


2009-07-23 14:27:00

Hola Mon, Its been quite a while since we be hearin from ya. For a fan such as myself some kind of news might be appreciated. Here's to hopin you been workin on da sequal, ya? But if not, hey that's life, man. I'll be feelin ya out in the future, see? So hit me back here.


On another note, how'd you like the accent?


2009-08-26 04:28:33



2009-08-26 04:29:58

kinda fun game but the special is claw of the final boss so cool!and Badass SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-10-26 22:01:03

I dont know if this has been asked, but are you going to make a second amorhpus? (besides the newer version) cause i have a few creature ideas....


2009-10-26 22:04:25

Also, sorry for double post, but dont rush on the sequel, make it worth the wait, unlike other sequels.


2009-10-27 11:21:18

U make the best game ever thx for ur contribution in my life


2009-11-09 08:52:02

I have played the game and almost have all rewards and awards, so take my advice:

1. TO GET A RAZOR QUEEN; Yes people, I am a REALLY GOOD player on amorphous +!
and i know a great way to meet up with a queen( Razor Or Not!)
Well, I tried going on small nest and waiting a LONG time with 1 left. IMPORTANT: you need to have ALL THE OTHER GLOOPLES first! Waiting a long time is important... but meeting up with an amalgom is the only downside. If you have trouble with
amalgoms, I suggest going into the nest with the box gun and reactive armor reward( to get S slot, get 55 awards.). When an amalgom comes around, use the
box gun( or saw blade) When it attacks the amalgom, the amalgom will INSTINTLY
DIE.( anyway, the Queen Or Razor Queen has no use with the stealth suit in the
first place!). If a queen pops up, kill it any way. It can be an easy way to gain the
3 awards with it... also, It wont go away if it goes offscreen. Soon, a Razor Queen will
Pop up out of NOWHERE. ( it startled me the first time, Since i expected a Queen to
show). Well there you go, how to Get a Razor queen, but how do you KILL one?

2, how to kill a razor queen: Every one says the ONLY way to kill it is when it tries
to grasp on you. but theres really a handful of ways( as a gray, when a gray comes
out of a defence state, very quickly attack it, you might get it, even if you do, it will
still go back into a steel glob.) A razor queen has 7 attacks. 1, its grasp attack 2 its swipe attacks 3 its tail spin 4 a small spike ball that will launch many horrer like
teeth( you can kill it) 5 shooting spike needles( it wont urt if you have reactive
armor, but will stun you) 6 a giant spike ball( you cant break it) and 7, its WORST
ONE, the underground spike( kill it when it pops out of the ground) You can also
kill a razor queen with your box gun( or while it attacks it) and when its dead,
BING! Silver Key!!!

3 Weird yellow and orange goo glich: somtimes, when a glooble gets in stickie
goo, it wont die from acid instaltly, and has a chance to break free!!!

And there you go, 3 hints from a REALLY GOOD Amorphous + player. I might be back
for more help though : ).


2009-12-04 05:44:29

Dude are you even planning to make a sequel to this game?
It would be wicked sweet!


2010-04-06 23:05:49

do you happen to be taking sugjestions?


2010-05-11 20:43:20

Damn you Innocuous! One day! ONE DAY!


2010-08-14 01:25:25

is there any chance theres going to be another sequel? (im sure you get asked alot)


2011-04-16 11:50:47

I really liked amorphous, can i ask if there will be a continuation soon?


2011-07-22 06:13:57

I'm fairly sure the guy that made this is dead... or something... his comments suddenly stopped two years ago... :(

amorphous 2 was in the making too... :(


2012-01-28 14:53:55

could i ask for some medals in amorphus+ ??


2012-08-13 21:16:28

Please don't be dead.


2013-11-02 00:58:41

Wow....... More than five years since this was posted and over a year since the last comment.

In the immortal words of your fans "Please don't be dead"


2016-01-28 02:24:28

Please don't be dead.