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Amorphous+ v2.1 Patch Notes

2008-07-30 04:59:25 by innocuousGames

Amorphous+ version 2.1 patch

**Warning: These notes contain some spoilers concerning later-game content!**

-Bug/Glitch Fixes-
*Several typos corrected, most of them in the Reward text
*The Dualist Award is no longer being awarded posthumously
*Amalgams can no longer slow down to the point that they move backwards (funny though that was)
*The Armor will now kill a Razor Mite in a collision
*Horror seeds no longer mutate the Razor Queen into a Biter... that was ridiculous
*Void Eaters behave less-strangely when jarred by distant explosions
*Some erroneous death animations playing at the wrong times have been removed

*Grays now react defensively to the Saw Drone
*Queens react with more caution toward the Razor Glaive
*Horrors are no longer killed by heavy blades (Queen claws, most notably)
*The recharge time on the SCAER has been reduced slightly
*Collision zones on the larger enemies (Oozles, Grays, etc) have been widened

-New Features-
*The Next Song button ('n' on the keyboard) now cycles through the songs in order instead of randomly, allowing the player to find a specific song. Eventually.
*A counter has been added to the Award Case so that you can immediately see how many Awards you've acquired
*At 25 Awards, players will now unlock Hardcore Mode. This mode removes the gradual addition of new types of enemies, and instead brings in all enemy types at the beginning


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2008-07-30 06:21:49

Hardcore mode, I didn't think of that. Nice!

(Updated ) innocuousGames responds:

By popular request! Now you can get right into the thick of it if you like. Good luck!


2008-07-30 08:44:02

I left a review for this game, and by the looks of it, you don't read or respond to reviews. I thought it would've been a waste of time that you would've wasted elsewhere if you didn't read it, so here it is:

This is one of the best things to hit the portal in awhile! I do have a few questions, however:
Wouldn't it make more sense to send someone with a gun rather then a sword? Also, if this is based in the future, wouldn't it also make sense to send in a gun with infinite ammo? Or is this a magical universe where time only exists when convenient? Or possibly something so incredibly outlandish that it defies the comprehension of the sane man?

I also have one complaint: it needs MOAR COWBELL!!!

innocuousGames responds:

I do read the reviews, although I haven't responded to any in a couple of days (mostly because of actual life stuff and putting the patch together).

I'm gonna go with the last one. The defies comprehension thing.

There was a distinct shortage of cowbell in the soundtrack. Sorry about that.


2008-07-30 10:10:13



2008-07-30 14:31:06

The addition of hardcore mode is awesome. It should it a lot easier to get most of the 28 badges I'm missing.

But, even while playing with hardcore mode, I'm having a lot of trouble finding a razor queen. What are your suggestions for making the beast show it's ugly mug? I feel like I'm missing something. :P

innocuousGames responds:

I'm glad you like it. I thought it might help the people who don't care for how slow the build-up can be in the normal game.

I realize this is a bit late, but as OmegaMario mentioned, the Razor Queen doesn't show up until your Bestiary is otherwise full.


2008-07-30 19:16:38

Hahahaha! I spoted 5 glitches and 1 rebalance on that list that I mentioned, lol. You would never survive without me. (XP)

innocuousGames responds:

Yep, a large portion of those are your finds. Glad you pointed them out to me!

The game would certainly be quite a bit glitchier if not for your eye, and your guide has certainly helped a lot of people, that's for sure.


2008-07-30 20:13:49

Thank you SO MUCH! would review your game, but I'm waiting to get every thing.

There's also a glitch that you didn't mention: If The last enemy you're fighting is a couple clutters, and you get bogged down in like 100 clutters, you move at regular speed. If you shake off the clutters and kill them, you may not get the x8 bonus, and you also won't get the award for having a baby clutter stuck to you whilst finishing a nest. Please try and fix that. But don't fix the glitch where you can kill as many at the end while the counter is at 0. That helps a lot. Thanks for an awesome game.

innocuousGames responds:

I look forward to your review!

I'm not sure I exactly follow what happened with the glitch you're talking about. If you'd like, send me a PM with a little more detailed description of what happened and I'll see if I can work out a fix.

Glad you're enjoying the game!


2008-07-30 20:33:23

Perhaps I am simply blind, but I can not find the toggle for hardcore mode.

innocuousGames responds:

First, make sure you have 25 or more Awards - Hardcore Mode is only available after that. Once you do, the Icon will appear on the left side of the main menu, under the main title and above the info box. It looks remarkably like my Userpage picture. It will be grayed out the first time you find it.


2008-07-31 00:53:26

sweet hay how do we get the last reward (my guess is that we need to get all the awards to get a blue key?) and whats the 1st award on the 2 line down no one i know has gotten that. anyway thanks for the patch now i can play even MORE.

the only request i can ask for patch 2.2 would be in the awards section can we please see the description of the awards we havent got yet. so we know what to shoot for, instead of running in blindly and getting zen master buy accident.

innocuousGames responds:

Lol. That seems to be pretty much the only way to get Zen Master.

Anyway, your guess is wrong (though you do get something for completing the Awards Case). If you really want to know, OmegaMario has a full guide to everything in the game on his UserPage:

That'll tell you everything you'd like to know.


2008-07-31 01:33:43

awesome thanks and how about a multiplayer amorphous that would be awesome.

innocuousGames responds:

Yes. Yes it would.


2008-07-31 11:02:36

Hardcore mode is great!

however i was wondering is your planning to make more rewards (like hardcore not as in Reactive Armor) in the future

and 2 how do you fight the razor queen i had my beastiary full for a while but cant seem to fight her...

anyway great game!

innocuousGames responds:

Thank you, I think it adds to the game.

As far as adding more to the game, I'm not really sure. I don't plan on adding anything else to it... but then... I didn't plan to add Hardcore mode. That just sort of happened.

The Razor Queen sometimes shows up when a Queen would have... when you're almost finished with a nest, or when you've been in a Bounty Run for a while. The easiest way to scare one up is to fight a Nest down to where you're getting close to finishing it, and then loiter around for a while.

Thanks very much!


2008-07-31 11:06:15

also i would have written a review (giving it a much deserved 10000) but im banned from writing reviews...


2008-07-31 13:16:40

ok uhh well i played this game befoer patch 2.1 came out and well i had more then 25 awards. can i still access hardcore mode and how lol? i loved this game

innocuousGames responds:

You should see a large grayed out icon (that looks much like my User Pic) on the left side of the main menu, just below the title and above the info panel. Click there to toggle on Hardcore mode. If you don't see it, go into the Awards Case and check to make sure you have 25 or more awards.


2008-07-31 14:50:11

I would suggest that you put this game on kongregate. If you were to add the kongregate API to it so it could have badges and challenges (and even if you were not to do that) I think it would stand a very good chance of winning at least the weekly if not the monthly contest thus nabbing you some money.

innocuousGames responds:

It's done. If you're a fan of Kongregate, Amorphous+ is now on that site as well. Enjoy!


2008-08-02 16:08:11


Happened that few days ago I was looking for Your first game(liked it),forgot the title and in result couldn't try it again.Guess it was Gods bless that You released 2nd part.
This one is great,even more with all upgrades's also incredible time eater
(76 awards and still looking for rest)Wont say more to not yap too much,great work.
Other than that,considered making yet another part?Which would be even more advanced(and for Gods sake,develop textures of blue guy and his sword for something more appealing,lol)
It could add more upgrades,perhaps something with stats and main weapon changes.Well,I guess it's up to You.

Good luck on next possible works

innocuousGames responds:

Thank you! Always glad to see fans of the old one. I'm planning several different projects for the future, but I can't say when or if they'll be done. Amorphous 2 is definitely in the running.

Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you're enjoying the game!


2008-08-03 01:34:41

I logged in for the first time in months just to 5 your game. It's a simple, yet excellent concept, and you've pulled it off smashingly. The way the various blobs interact, the various game modes, the cleverly funny comments on the awards, the unlockables, it all adds up to make an excellent game.

If you're going to make a sequel, one thing I'd like to see is more possible combinations between the blobs. What would a Spikey and a Biter make? Or 2 Fuzzles? Or a Gloople and just about anything else? Such variety would add a lot to an already great game IMO.

Also, multiple players and awards for that mode would go down well too. Maybe a campaign mode with upgradable stats and 'boss' blobs (that once fought can appear in nest/bounty mode and maybe fused to other blobs)? Just throwing it out there :)

innocuousGames responds:

I really appreciate that!

More combinations of blobs is actually pretty high on my list of things that I would've liked to add to this version. It's one of my favorite mechanics in the game and I'm glad I put it in there, but I would have liked to have added more combinations. Maybe something to add to the sequel, who knows.

Multiplayer Amorphous? Oh my.

Thanks so much for the comment and I'm glad I could coax you out of hiding!


2008-08-03 11:35:54

I'm begging you, give me 34 hours of my life back! It's superb! May i suggest some things?

-Equipment. I know, there are already armours, but what if there were other things? Like after splatting 120 baby clutters, you get a special armor that reduces the effect of those baby clutters clung to you. Maybe other swords too, like when you have at least 10 silver awards, you get a sword which you can strike a 360 every 6 seconds.

-Secrets. I mean, a thing in the menu, like clicking at the red cross, activates a secret. Not sure what though.

-Being able to choose your own background.

-An ally. Like the saw drone, but one who stays with you all the time. They may be switched at an other menu where there also is an description about each one.

I asked a little too much, i think. But thanks for creating such a game.

innocuousGames responds:

I'll send it to you Parcel Post when I figure out where I put it...

Equipment (as per upgrades, usually) is one of the top suggestions for Amorphous. I'll have to look at that as a possibility for my next game. I actually always thought about making it so that a player could manually choose the background they wanted to play on, but it never seemed that important so I always forgot to work that in. Would be a neat feature though. The Ally is also a good idea. Something I'll have to work in.

Thanks very much for the comment and I'm glad you're enjoying the game!


2008-08-03 13:18:32

Oh, i forgot one: A character editor! Not much, just the colors of his face and his clothing. If there aren't going to be extra swords you could change that color too.

innocuousGames responds:

Tired of the blue jumpsuit are we?


2008-08-03 18:17:05

This game is extremely addicting but god damnit does that addiction... help me get the 90 minutes worth of playing award (as well as the previous ones).

I have one small complaint relating to the first row of achievments, I think that killing different gloopies for awards (once not multiple times) should be achievable in practice mode, I find it especially hard to wait for a Gray or horror to appear by chance in bounty run or a nest extremely annoying, and although it is easy to kill individual gloopies (the more common varieties) I would find it much easier to kill more rare varieties in practice mode for only a few awards, aside from the "Spend 10 Minues in practice mode" one. Also It'd be nice if all enemies spawn in hardcore mode rather than the ones that are in your bestiary.

Thanks for the update and Keep up the good work!

innocuousGames responds:

Thanks very much!

The purpose of practice mode is to allow you to play with the timing and behaviors of the enemies so that when they appear in the actual game, you will at least understand what you have to do to defeat them. If you were able to just load up any enemy in practice mode (the Void Eater comes to mind, and even moreso the Queen) and try over and over until you killed it, this would diminish the significance of earning the Award. I do understand what you're saying, it does take a while for the 'boss' type enemies to show up, and whether or not the compound enemies appears is mostly a matter of randomness, their rarity is what makes them special, and taking this out of the equasion would weaken this, in my mind. This is really just my opinion, but it's the reasoning behind why it works the way it does, at least.

Likewise, if Hardcore mode spawned everything in the game in the very beginning, the process of filling out your Bestiary would become moot. You can easily get 25 awards while seeing only half of the critters in the game, and at that point you could go to Hardcore mode, spend 20 seconds, and the Bestiary would be immediately filled. Not really any sense of accomplishment there. Again, just my opinion.

Thanks for a great comment, and I'm glad you're enjoying the game!


2008-08-03 21:04:37

man, i LOVE your game. i currently have 80 rewards, but i don't plan on stoping there! Not yet! but... i just wonder is there anyway that allows you to carry 3 rewars with u into the game??? Or there is, just that i didn't get enough awards??? Hope u reply soon
BTW, thanks for the game man!

innocuousGames responds:

Thank you for playing it!

Yes, there is a way to use 3 rewards at once...


2008-08-04 08:08:46

I found something very small. In the tip where it tells about the inhibitor not doing anything, It has a typo where "anything" is spelled "anythign". Hooray for the detailists!

innocuousGames responds:

Damn. I'll have to fix that for the next patch. Thanks for pointing it out!


2008-08-04 08:48:02

Haha! I found a funny bug. If you get hit by two sharps at the same time, it makes two of your bodies and they roll around with both of them. Also, when a grinder colids with a sharp, bad things happen. It gets all pingpingpingpingpingpingpingpingping and when you have a bunch of enemies, it makes it even laggier.

Great game. is there a way I can ensure the formation of an oozle, gray, void eater, or horror? 9/10 times the things just bounce off eachother, or kill what they're supposed to merge with? Or is it just completely random?

innocuousGames responds:

Another thing I'll try to address in the next patch. Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, I'm aware the Sharp/Grinder interactions could be improved... not sure why I never addressed that in the past....

Yes, when applicable glooples touch each other (in a non-aggressive way) there is a chance that they will merge. So if you're seeing it happen a lot, you're just lucky (or.... unlucky... I guess). The chance is relatively small... although sometimes it doesn't seem like it.

Thanks very much for the comment!


2008-08-04 20:04:38

I would like to see an option to reset your rewards so you can re-pick them in case you realize that you made any bad choices choosing your items later in the game. I myself picked one or two useless items.


2008-08-05 01:27:11

Any chance you show us the full board of all the awards that you can win?
And if so define how to get them, not in depth, just the breif description. :)

Other than that this is a very addicting game. I don't know what it is about teenagers and blobs of different array of colors..pretty pretty. :D Good work. Can't wait to see more. :)


2008-08-05 01:53:36

Peanutclock, if you could just chose and rechoose the rewards whenever the hell you wanted, you might as well not have to earn them, you know? Because once you get 2 reward keys, you could just rechoose your reward as many times as you pleased, thus making awards useless other than as bragging rights. ;)

Phanthom92. check out the excellent faq made by Omegamario. There's a link on the Amorphous+ submission page.


2008-08-05 09:10:36

little problem how do i get the queen and razor queen i beat a whole nest with out seeing one


2008-08-05 12:14:16

OMG This game is so addictive! I could play it for hours and hours. It's a great time killer. :D But for some weird reason I lost all my data. Is it because I logged on a different computer and started a new game?


2008-08-05 13:07:12

Hey, Just wondering, since the fact that it's nearly impossible to get glooples to gloom together, maybe you could add another mode to hardcore mode, where morphed versions of glooples pop in, instead of bumping into them randomly until EVENTUALLY one of them freakin' morphs. I spent 3 hours trying to get two biters morph into a horror, then once I FINALLY FREAKIN' GOT IT, it died randomly for absolutely no reason. (Is that a bug? I have no idea if it is or not.) So can you add a mode, where morphed versions of glooples come in separately, and appear just as other glooples do? Like that a gray would appear just like a grinder. Or a void eater might appear like a queen. Perhaps a horror appearing once every while. And even on hardcore mode, it acted just like normal mode. For the first 5 minutes I got nothin' but green glooples, then stickies for a few minutes, then clutters, then melties, then biters, then inkies, then fuzzles, then spikies, then grinder, and after going through an entire huge nest on hardcore mode, I didn't see the queen, the torchie, the icy, the razor queen. (None of which are unlocked in my bestiary...)


2008-08-06 03:39:41

yo i have played youre game got alot of the rewards and i do agree wit most of the ppl here and the charecter editor is a must and hope u make a amorphus 2


2008-08-06 09:38:58

found a glitch if a fuzzle gets one of those queen bugs and turns into a queen it makes a nearly invisible fuzzle that can still kill you


2008-08-07 11:37:42

i forgot to mention that i got a void eater in practice mode without having it in anyother mode


2008-08-09 14:05:22

Loved the game. A few notes... First the bugs:

*If you get covered in Clutters while using Reactive Armor, then set it off (say with a Biter) it will kill all the Clutter Babies of course. After that, if you get covered in Clutters again... they will not slow you down at all. An odd bug, but one none the less.
*Second, when killing the Razor Queen for the first time, I somehow got the multiple kills award (for Razor Queens) as well. Don't know how that one happened, but it definitely shouldn't have.

Next, a few obscure thoughts for improvement:
*For those crazy people out there, it would be cool to have a "Badass" notice even after receiving the award. I have (after already having gotten the award on a Small nest) managed to accomplish it on a Big nest in Hardcore mode... But without the notice at the bottom, it feels so empty.
*As a thought for an extra award, "Suicidee" for shooting yourself with a ricocheted Gun Shot. Mind you, this would give an uneven number of awards. Oh well.
*It would be nice to have a Credits link in case we actually DID want to contact you. Just, ya, know, in case.
*I also find it surprisingly annoying that the Repulsor can be destroyed with my own Sword. I continuously blow it up by accident.
*And on the list of things killing the Razor Queen in one hit, a Void Eater can still do it. Not really terrible, but a little odd.

Really, though, an amazing game. I learned, however (after trying out Amorphous 1) that almost the entire enjoyment comes from the awards. They made me regularly laugh out loud. Great job, and I'd love to see another game done the same way.

Anyways, I'm off to try for my one last accomplishment... I have a need to beat a Huge Nest Badass on Hardcore mode. Those Frosties are murder.


2008-08-12 02:29:23

lay out the box gun. when its set up (but im not sure if that matters) let off the repulser nearby and c what happens =P


2008-08-14 15:24:36

A curious thing, my version says it is v2.3, but the patch notes here only list you going up to v2.1.

I guess that could just be a typo, but in the last couple of days the exploits I knew about stopped working. (Namely the ability to make kills in practice mode count for your score.)

I was just finishing up my last couple of awards, and those damn Void Eaters never spawn no matter what I do, so I was going to cheat and force them to appear but it no longer works. (After 25+ times beating single nest, I forced the Razor Queen to appear. I hate cheating, but she is just too rare and it isn't like the fight is easier in practice.)

Anyway, I was curious if you updated it to fix that exploit or if there is simply something wrong with my flash or computer or something.

I also want to point out how much I love this game. I was a huge fan or the original, and this one was even better. I have 101 awards, and I only got the two Razor Queen awards from exploiting a bug. (Not the actual award, but I did use it to make her appear.)

When do you think the next patch is going to come out, and will you spoil any information about Amorphous 2 or it's release date? One of the things I would love to see in it is a campaign that spawns specific glopples and has objectives, or different areas that actually matter. For instance, you could make an open world that is able to be walked around in, and have glopples patrol or behave more intelligently instead of just roaming randomly. ALOT could be done with things like that.

In the meantime though, I am going to keep this game in my #1 favorite spot and give it a daily 5 to help it get onto the top 50.


2008-08-21 16:58:42

Hello just want to say that this has to be one of the most fun online games I have ever played! It's gratness certainly rivals Tomem Destoyer and the Impossible Quiz 2.
Also, if you mak a sequel, I would like to suggest some things:
1. When the Horror flings it's teeth, if it hits a Oozle the Oozle should turn into a Horror.
2. When you unlock the super sword make it so you have it with out the irratation of it using up an item slot.
3. Make the circumference of the explosion that a Torchie makes smaller. I have died so many times when a Torchie has made a collision with an enemy and there was nothing I could do.
I will see if I can think up so more ideas. Pleae respond to my thoughts.
And kudos to you.


2008-08-21 17:24:45

It's in the Top 50 now congrats!

(Keep up with your daily 5's, everyone that's voting. As you can see, your efforts are working.)


2008-08-22 03:48:23

Does anyone here know all the awards you can get in preactice mode? If so, please tell me! That would be greatly apreciated.


2008-08-22 06:45:35

I think the ability to design what your charactor looks like mabye even think up a name for him/her should be done. For example, I could have my charactor as a male, blonde spikey hair and black clothes and call him Cloud :). Or you could use the points you earn in Single nest and Bounty run to buy more stuff or even a full outfit. Perhaps even change what your blade looks like. I laugh to think of the idea that having Mario take down the Razor Queen!
And if you set up a score submission in the sequel having a name would be essential.
Please tell me what you think.


2008-08-23 08:20:17

I think that Caleb is on holday or something because this Augest he has'nt replied to anyones's comment.
Oh, and i totaly agree with Dragonheart91 with the whole campaign idea and with having missions as well as the regular nests and bounty run.


2008-08-23 08:21:48

Hey Dragonheart91 I have 102 awards. No offence you probably have more by now.


2008-08-24 01:55:15

I also think he is on vacation or something. Hopefully he will get back soon, as I really like his feedback.

I have 108 awards right now, I'm trying to get that last Queen kill, and the 10 minutes in Bounty Run.


2008-08-24 17:13:10

Alright, apparently he is NOT on vacation. He just played a new game and unlocked an award on Kongregate today. I guess he just got tired of replying to us? Also, he updated the game to version 2.3, but only posted the patch notes on Kongregate.

Fail, fail, and more fail. Newgrounds > Kongregate. Give us some love too!


2008-08-24 17:27:48

i love amorphous its my favorite game.i can't figure out how to get a queen to appear onscreen exept in practice mode.still the best game on newgrounds tho!


2008-08-25 08:08:43

Dragonheart I have 109 awards now but for some gay reason it wont let me have the 10 mins in Bunty Mode!!! I timed myself with a stop watch and I got past 12 minuters!!!! If you or anyone else has got this award can you help me?


2008-08-25 08:38:54

To get a normal queen go to small nest and kill until you have 14 glopples left. Wait around not killing anything until a queen shows up. However you may find you have a Amalgam instead. If this occours, try the process again. This works for the razor queen as well but to see the razor queen you must have seen all glooples.
In this situation, you will probably missing mabye 2(excluding the queen). These are the torchie and the Frostie very rare and both very dangerous especially the torchie. You can find them in huge nest after a while.
Hope this helps.


2008-09-01 16:48:47

BTW has anyone notied that the first amorphous was MATURE and the sequal was TEEN? What is up with that?


2008-09-05 10:28:14

This is a great game... One of the best! As everyone else I also found some bugs and stuff... But if he doesn't come here anymore is not worth to say.

Oh, and I finished the game! 110/110!


2008-09-30 08:38:55

This is probably one of the most amazing games iver ever played, i love it!

But are you going to make a second? or third?

and will there be multiplayer co-op?

Thanks, and amazing game.


2008-10-04 12:29:17

when you survive in bounty mode, i'm pretty sure it has to be without reactive armour.try removing it.


2008-10-04 14:15:04

Thank you.


2008-10-05 21:11:43

Ok, so I was playing this game and school and at home, I'm a lot further at home. Ok, my question is, how does the black hole form, and what is the 17th blob? If someone could give me teh info that would be great :D